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I’m JeffInHighDef. For over 30 years, I have told stories through video, sound, animation and images. I've enjoyed professional roles producing broadcast television, interactive multimedia, digital journalism, graphic design, internet and web development, online video and streaming media.

Through all of this, I’ve helped hundreds of clients elevate their media ROI.
I welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.
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In these sponsored stories on business innovation, we feature your expertise and how you solve problems.  In this edition, Que-A talks predictive analytics in the era of Big Data.

National Promo: A7FL Game Day

The game day opening for the A7FL, grassroots American football at the elite level, airing on Facebook Watch

A7FL Nation Sports Show

The league's sport center show with all the action and highlights from this growing national game.

Social Video Promo for JennyQ

Jenny is a nationally recognized live stream expert with hundreds of interviews. She came to Jeff for a show open.

Social Video Ad for Fire-Rescue

Jeff produced this ad for Loudoun County to recruit new volunteer members. It doubled past media efforts.

Online News for Business: IMPAQ

News is the most informative media format there is. Online news for business unifies your company message.

Story: Intelligent Drones

Shot completely on the iPhone, this is a sponsored story about intelligent drones from BizFameTV.

Social Video Promo: PMSI

When it's the big day that season tickets arrive from Poe the Balitmore Raven, good things happen.

Live Stream Digital Journalism: LG America

Live from the 32nd floor of the LG technology showcase in San Francisco, the picture is beautiful.


  "80% of all web traffic will be video by 2020. Even with this,

    90% will not invest in better video, and fail to get noticed.

  100% of produced broadcast content stands out online."

Jeffrey Fitzgerald - "JeffInHighDef"

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